Blockchain-based Voting Successful In Swiss City

A Swiss city has successfully tested a blockchain-based voting system.

The Alpine nation’s first blockchain-based voting system was experimented in the city of Zug.

The city’s head of communications, Dieter Müller, claimed that “the premiere was a success.”

In the week-long voting process between June 25 and July 1, voters were able to cast their vote via smartphones by downloading a customized app.

Out of a total of 240 residents who had registered with the online voting system, 72 people participated in the “consultative vote.” They were given a questionnaire to answer.

The city council said in a statement that the consultative vote collected valuable information from the people, though it is not legally binding like a referendum.

In contrast to other electronic voting systems, the voting process in Zug did not depend on a central server but was distributed using blockchain across many computers.

City Mayor Dolfi Müller said adopting this e-voting system will ensure data security, protection of privacy, transparency and less chance for unnoticed manipulation.

The city of Zug has been issuing its residents with digital identities since last year. This and polling information are stored on blockchain.

Zug launched an e-voting pilot platform built on the nascent technology as part of several Swiss cantons testing various e-voting systems.

The blockchain-based voting system was developed by Luxoft, a software company in Zug, in partnership with the Municipal authorities and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

by Joji XavierRTTNews Staff Writer

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