Amazon says it will remove QAnon products from its store.

Amazon said on Monday that it was removing products promoting QAnon, a baseless conspiracy, from its website, after QAnon supporters were prominent in the riot at the Capitol last week.

The move followed Amazon’s decision to boot Parler, a right-wing social network, from its web servers and cloud services.

About 60 percent of the products sold on Amazon are offered by third-party merchants, who list items on the site and often use the company’s advertising and delivery services. Flags, shirts, hats and other merchandise, as well as self-published books promoting QAnon, still showed up on a search on Monday afternoon, many with favorable customer reviews and indications that they were shipped to customers from Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon said removing items could take several days.

Amazon’s policies prohibit products that “promote, incite, or glorify hate or violence toward any person or group,” though it has faced criticism for not swiftly enforcing its own rules. If sellers try to evade detection systems, they could risk losing the ability to sell on the site entirely.

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