16 NFL players who should consider new numbers if owners relax jersey rules

NFL owners will vote on a series of rules and bylaw proposals Wednesday, some designed to overhaul the way overtime would be played, others aimed at closing rulebook loopholes, and one attempting to change the postseason interview and hiring windows for head coaches and coordinators.

But the Kansas City Chiefs might have proffered the most fanciful suggestion, requesting the league loosen its uniform numbering restrictions, purportedly to increase "flexibility in assigning jersey numbers."

The Chiefs proposed the following expansion of jersey numbers available to players:

► Defensive backs would be able to wear 1 through 49 (currently eligible for 20 through 49).

► Running backs, tight ends and wide receivers would be able to wear 1 through 49 and 80 through 89 (RBs are currently eligible for 20 through 49; TEs are currently eligible for 40 through 49 and 80 through 89; WRs are currently eligible for 10 through 19 and 80 through 89).

► Offensive linemen would be able to wear 50 through 79 (currently, only centers can use 50 through 59).

► Linebackers would be able to wear 1 through 59 and 90 through 99 (currently eligible for 40 through 59 and 90 through 99).

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Such an adjustment would definitely take some getting used to for NFL viewers, yet would certainly pique the interest of players and allow for some to carry over familiar digits from college.

"I want to see single-digit wide receiver numbers," former Bengals and Browns wideout and current NFL Network analyst Andrew Hawkins, who wore 2 at Toledo and 0 in the CFL, said.

"You look good, you feel good, you play good."

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