What we know about Nancy Pelosi’s House Speaker bid and why some Democrats oppose her

WASHINGTON – It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is fighting with those in her own party to lead Democrats in the House they now control.

Pelosi is hoping to get her old job as speaker of the House back in the face of opposition from a growing group of Democrats who want new leadership for the party instead of the California Democrat, who was the first woman speaker of the House while serving in the role during the Obama Administration. 

Here’s what we know about Pelosi’s bid for speaker and why it’s gotten so much attention: 

Why this position matters?

Pelosi’s fight for the gavel comes on the heels of Democrats taking control of the House during the midterm elections after years of Republican rule. 

If Pelosi is elected to the position, she will be the highest ranking Democrat and second in line, after Vice President Mike Pence, to succeed the president. 

She will lead the House, be the official spokeswoman when speaking to the president and Senate leadership and direct priorities for the next two years with new liberal leadership. 

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