Theresa May ‘offers to sack chief negotiator Olly Robins’ to get her Brexit deal

Theresa May has reportedly offered to sack chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins in a bid to convince MPs to vote for her deal.

It follows reports over the weekend that Brexiteer Tories had personally told Mrs May they would only back her plan if she publicly committed to step down.

But according to the Evening Standard today the Prime Minister’s top team had offered to sacrifice her chief negotiator in return for MPs supporting her.

The paper reports one MP was told the PM planned to "update her negotiating team", while another was told Robbins would be sacked "as soon as the deal is through."

Downing Street this morning confirmed that if the Government is unable to win a vote this week, the PM will ask for a longer extension from the EU.

But it’s unclear exactly how long we would ask for.

The treaties are “remarkably lacking” in detail, the PM’s official spokesman said.

Asked what Mrs May feels about series of Brexiteer MPs telling her she needs to give timetable for her departure to get their backing, the spokesman

said: “I haven’t asked her and I’ve no plans to do so. She’s focused on the conversations she’s having with MPs and where we want to be, which is winning the vote next week”.

Robbins shot to fame in January after being overheard discussing his predictions for a Brexit delay in a Brussels bar.

ITV News s aid they heard chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins loudly gossiping about the subject in a hotel bar.

At the time, Mrs May had repeatedly ruled out delaying Brexit.

But Mr Robbins reportedly said MPs would be faced with the choice of backing the Prime Minister’s plan or delaying Brexit for a long time to extend talks.

Which is exactly what happened.

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