Boris Johnson reveals what he has in common with Meghan Markle – ‘It’s a favourite’

The Brexiteer told Politico he favours wine despite sharing a pint of lager with voters, adding his favourite is a glass or two of Tignanello, which the Duchess of Sussex has also hailed. A bottle can be priced as high as £180. The blond also told of his desire to shift more weight despite fighting to cut pounds with the help of his girlfriend Carrie Symonds before he was announced as a Tory leadership candidate.

He said: “Someone bought me a crate of it and I had no idea how expensive it was, and I was just glugging it back.

“It’s extraordinary stuff, but I mean it was delicious.

“I discovered later that it was the favourite wine of Meghan Markle.”

New mother Meghan, 37, was said to have named her now defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, after the wine.

He also said he had a bottle of Tignanello “more recently than you’d think”, despite reports he shifted weight by cutting down on the boozing to campaign to become Prime Minister after Theresa May, who will step down officially on July 23.

He added: “I’ve got to lose weight. I need to get back on the treadmill.

“My bike is now a pathetic object propped up against the railings of Portcullis House.”

Mr Johnson – who is front-runner to take on the role of Conservative Party leader over Jeremy Hunt – was criticised for not backing US ambassador Sir Kim Durroch over a leaked report scolding Donald Trump and the White House.

Mr Johnson appeared on an ITV debate with Mr Hunt and said he believes “very strongly that civil servants should not have their views leaked”.

He added it was “totally, totally wrong to drag the career prospects of a civil servant into a political debate”.

Friends of Sir Kim said Mr Johnson’s failure to support him in the wake of the scandal triggered the ambassador’s resignation.

President Trump issued a series of scolding attacks on Sir Kim and Mrs May’s handing of Brexit on Twitter, with Mr Johnson defending them.

He said: “I don’t want anybody telling us what to do. Or anybody criticising our government.

“But if you ask me whether I think the Brexit negotiations have been brilliantly handled, I don’t think so.”

The Tory leadership announcement is just two weeks away.

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