‘Storm of a lifetime’ will bring dangerous storm surge, extreme winds and torrents of rain

A monster. A beast. Catastrophic. Vicious.

Hurricane Florence is all of the above – and more, according to meteorologists, who predict the powerful slow-moving Category 4 whirlwind that’s set to crash into the Carolinas by week’s end could go down as “the storm of a lifetime” for this part of the East Coast.

Mandatory evacuations orders are in place for the low-lying coastal areas of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, affecting more than 1 million residents and tourists – though not everybody is heeding the warnings of local authorities.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump promised the federal government’s support, saying that the U.S. was “as ready as anybody’s ever been,” but urged people in mandatory evacuations areas to get out now – even if they’ve successfully weathered past hurricanes.

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