Amazon Now No. 3 In US Digital Ad Revenue Share Inc’s (AMZN) will more than double its U.S. digital-advertising revenue in 2018 and will be placed in third position behind leaders Google and Facebook.

Amazon is expected to generate $4.61 billion in US ad sales this year, which represents 4.2% of the total digital ad market, according to to estimates of eMarketer Inc.

The research firm had earlier projected Amazon’s ad revenue for 2018 to be $2.89 billion. The revised number reflects an accounting change by Amazon as well as increased demand, EMarketer said.

Google and Facebook continue to dominate the digital advertising market, with a a combined share of 58% of the $111 billion market, which is down from 59% in 2017. Google and Facebook are expected to maintain there duopoly for the next few years.

Google will generate a total of $42 billion in ad revenues with a share of 37.1% share, while Facebook make $23 billion in revenues and have 20.6% share. Amazon has 4.1% share of the market, ahead of Verizon’s Oath and Microsoft on eMarketer’s rankings.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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