Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' business empire, visualized

Bezos’ divorce leaves the future of Amazon in question

“Bulls & Bears” panel on how Jeff Bezos’ divorce will impact Amazon shareholders and the company.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has turned a company that began as an online book retailer into the world’s largest fortune and a sprawling business empire with holdings in industries ranging from retail to technology to aviation.

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Bezos’ business interests drew unprecedented scrutiny this week after he and his longtime wife, MacKenzie Bezos, announced plans to divorce. Since the couple reportedly did not have a prenuptial agreement, the split could have wide-ranging implications for Bezos’ $137 billion personal fortune, as well as his various investments and assets.

Under the 54-year-old’s leadership, Amazon has expanded beyond traditional retail to build an e-commerce juggernaut. The company’s acquisitions in recent years include grocery store chain Whole Foods, streaming service Twitch and security gadget-maker Ring. Bezos also owns Blue Origin, a private aviation firm aiming to spearhead the rise of space tourism, as well as The Washington Post.


The entire Bezos empire can be viewed below, courtesy of a handy graphic from Visual Capitalist.


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